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Sartors Falcetto


Sartors Battle of Hastings (Figaro af Hallundbaek - Fintel) x Trysøes Annemone (Cocos Cognac - Ravaldi)

Sartors Falcetto (aka Hades) is our young up and coming stallion. Hades is also a full sibling to our mare, Sartors Lilium. Hades was imported from Denmark and offers unique bloodlines to the USA breeding pool. Hades is 100% purebred Knabstrupper in the 3rd generation and 93.75% in the 4th generation with an anticipated finished height of 168-170 cm (16.2-16.3hh).


Hades' sire, Sartors Battle of Hastings, tragically passed away at a young age but was hailed as one of the most promising young licensed Knabstrupper stallions in Denmark. Hades' dam, Trysøes Annemone, has produced six exceptional foals. Trysøes Annemone's sire, Coco's Cognac, sired only 7 Knabstrupper foals in Denmark prior to being sold to a buyer in Norway. 


What to Expect When Breeding to Sartors Falcetto                         

Hades was bred to a select few mares in 2021. We look forward to the arrival of his first crop of foals in 2022.                             


Hades is also unique to the North America breeding pool as he is one of the only leopard stallions that is homozygous for PATN1. Most leopard stallions are heterozygous PATN1 which reduces their ability to produce leopard offspring when bred to solid mares.               


Hades has a lovely walk & trot and a balanced, uphill canter. He is showing nice form over jumps when put through the jump chute. We anticipate he will be a wonderful, athletic addition to the North American breeding pool.                                


The approved outcross list for registration is extensive. To understand the various registration options depending on the mare’s pedigree and status, please read our Knabstrupper Registration document.


2023 Breeding Fees:

2022 North America Breeding Fee: $900.00 USD

2022 North America Frozen Per Dose: $400.00 USD


2023 Breeding Contracts:                                   

2023 North America Breeding Contract                           


Height: 16 hh (anticipated to mature to 16.2 hh)                              

Birth Year: 2019                                

Registry: Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN - Knabstrupper)                                

Approvals: Westfalen's Knabstrupper Book - Provisional                            

Fresh Semen Availability: North America Only                               

Frozen Semen Availability: North America Only                             

Bred by: Stutteri Sartor                                 

Color & Pattern: E/e, A/A, LP/n, PATN1/PATN1                            


Stallion Health:

Radiographs: Full back, neck and legs                                                                   

EVA Negative, Vaccinated Annually                       

PSSM1 n/n                             

WFFS1 n/n


Rasmus af Hallundbaek

Sartors Falcetto

Trysoes Annemone

Figaro af Hallundbaek




Menetti Cherry of Vestermark

Cocos Cognac

Cocos Irish Magic


Sartors Battle of Hastings




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Hades will have his first progeny on the ground in 2022:

Juno MHF

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