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Murder Hollow Sonic Boom


CTR Super Sonic (RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain - My Silver Eagle) x Wyoming Wind

(Chief Maumin Calla - My Silver Eagle)

Year of Birth: 2018

Registry: Appaloosa Horse Club                                                                   

Status: Sold                                        

Price: ★ ★ ★ 


Echos Raindancer

Murder Hollow
Sonic Boom

Wyoming Wind

RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain

CTR Silver Cheetah Spot

SRU Navajo Sunrise

My Silver Eagle

Ebony Mirage Spot

Chief Maumin Calla

Fourmiles Stormy

Coyotes Lollipop

CTR Super Sonic

CTR Silver Snowstorm

My Silver Eagle

Deacons Tuf Jungle

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