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Ingemanns Tortuga


Refsgårds Spot On Dicaprio (Sanders Bogart - Sanders Bounty) x Sanders Troja (Sanders Califf - Conetti Lynghøj)

Tortuga is a Purebred Sport type Knabstrupper stallion that will hopefully have a bright future as a Murder Hollow stallion. Tortuga was inspected by Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark, prior to import as a foal, and received an 8 overall.

Tortuga is a black leopard (LP/n, PATN1/patn1).

2023 Breeding Fees:                              

2023 North America Breeding Fee: Not available for 2023                      

2023 North America Frozen Per Dose: Not available for 2023           


2023 Breeding Contracts:     

2023 North America Breeding Contract: Not available for 2023                                     


Height: anticipated to mature to 16.2 hh                                  

Birth Year: 2022                                

Registry: Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN - Knabstrupper)                                  

Approvals: Knabstrupper pending                              

Fresh Semen Availability: pending                           

Frozen Semen Availability: pending                         

Bred by: Eva Nørgaard Ingemann             

Color & Pattern: LP/n, PATN1/patn1                            


Stallion Health:    

Radiographs: pending (Spring 2023)                             

EVA Negative, Vaccinated Annually                       

PSSM1 n/n                             

WFFS1 n/n

Ingemanns Tortuga

Sanders Troja

Sanders Bogart

Sanders Bounty

Sanders Califf

Refsgårds Spot On Dicaprio

Conetti Lynghøj

Tækkers Darling

Kirstebærlundens Themis

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Beowulf will have his first progeny on the ground in 2026

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