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Murder Hollow Logo

Welcome to Murder Hollow Farm. Our 100-acre facility, built in the 1770's, is a private estate nestled in the beautiful countryside of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Chester County was one of the three original Pennsylvania counties created by William Penn in 1682. Chester County’s rolling hills have long been the scene of world-class equestrian activities including steeplechase racing, foxhunting and polo.

What began as a simple endeavor to produce an athletic and colorful equine partner, has grown into one of the country’s most renowned Knabstrupper breeding programs. By utilizing cutting edge reproductive technology such as embryo transfer and ICSI, we utilize top performance mares in our breeding program. Our mares are Main Book mares with proven performance and carefully selected bloodlines. Many of our mares have produced top international performance offspring including Olympians. 


We encourage you to learn more about our mares and their offspring along with our breeding & raising philosophy. We incorporate horses from a variety of Warmblood registries in pursuit of producing the best possible athletes and continually import new bloodlines that benefit the genetic diversity of not only our breeding program but also the genetic diversity of the breed, as a whole. 


Our foals are bred in the highest standard of quality and have been selected by professional Grand Prix riders as well as amateur competitors looking for a sane, sound, and athletic riding partner. Our buyers become family; many end up purchasing additional foals from our program. Our commitment to the foals we produce, and their buyers does not end the day the foals leave for their new homes but extends through the lifetime of the horse. 

We welcome you to the farm and look forward to learning how we can help you find your next equine partner. Whether it’s a foal from our program or through breeding to one of our stallions. 

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